Sea salt benefits are well noted in the beauty industry but this is a first

Bath bomb enthusiasts and cosmetics company Lush introduces a new way to tackle rubbish by reusing it as packaging. Lush is partnering up with non-profit organisation Ocean Legacy Foundation who work to combat oceanic plastic pollution which harms marine life.

Together they plan to collect 27 tonnes of plastic floating in the Pacific from the shores of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and turn them into pellets. These pellets are then moulded into new bottles before finding their ways onto bathrooms counters.

lush ocean legacy environment
Lush and Ocean Legacy in action

Plenty of companies have put their green foot forward lately and are innovating the way they conduct business to serve the environment in the best way possible. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact we all make and distributors are coming up with ways to minimise waste and emissions.

Lush is known for their stance against animal testing and charity fundraising. They also run an incentive for customers to recycle their empty containers by swapping returned bottles for free products, as do Kiehl’s and Mac Cosmetics.

Collide can’t wait to hear about other companies leading the way in fighting waste and pollution.



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