Duo whiz into Canterbury after 18,000 miles round the globe

John Whybrow and George Agate rolled into Canterbury, Kent today following a trip round the world on their tandem bike. Finishing the same place they set off from in June 2016.

One bike, four pedals and almost 300 days later the circumnavigation aboard Daisy is complete. Crossing six continents and 29 countries, the two have landed their place in the Guinness World Records as the first team to tandem across the world.

Experiencing a diverse range of cultures, cuisines and climates, they have met some generous people along they way who have given them advice, food or a place to stay.


Having become friends at university, the two decided to do something a bit different after getting a degree than their fellow graduates and begun planning the trip.

Soon after setting off on their world record attempt they crossed the channel to France. Heading east, they got a number of nations quickly under their belt.

By day 100 on the saddle they had already passed through Europe, Turkey, and India. “Mumbai was an assault on our senses and like nothing we have experienced before,” says John.

The next leg entailed cycling south from Bangkok to Singapore, before jumping on a plane to Perth and crossing the Australian outback, hitting the cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

John and George spent new year in Santa Monica, California, before cruising along the Pan-American Highway through Mexico and Costa Rica to reach Panama.

After flying to Marrakech to tick Africa off their continent list, the final weeks were spent cycling through the centre of the Iberian Peninsula up to cross the final land border France. They hit British soil on Friday, arriving by ferry to Portsmouth.

The pair have raised almost £10,000 for Torchlight, a Kent-based homelessness charity, Great Ormand Street and WaterAid.

Find out more about the Tandem Men here.


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