The red iPhone is here, but it’s not (RED) in China

Special editions of the iPhone 7 in a striking scarlet red shade go on sale today.

Every purchase of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus contributes to HIV and AIDS programmes, which provide life-saving testing, counselling, and medicine for people in Africa.

The aluminium finished handset is available in 40 countries and the latest in Apple’s string of products with Product (RED).

Its launch marks the tenth product Apple has sold to raise money for the Global Fund, and the first time consumers have been able to support the charity through buying the iPhone.

However, not every country receives the same marketing for the device. In China, the charity branding is dropped and the special edition is simply introduced as ‘now in red’. It’s believed this is because HIV/AIDS remains a taboo in the nation.

The Taiwan language site does mention the charity link to the special edition phone, seen below.

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Apple should be a little red-faced for their decision to leave out the Product (RED) branding on the Apple China website.

In an attempt to gloss over the real reason behind its red phone, the tech giant is hoping to sell more units to Chinese people, whose national flag bears the same colour.

Find out more about Apple’s (RED) line here.


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