The seven-hour film won best documentary feature last night

Ezra Edelman scooped a gong at the 89th Academy Awards for his extensive profile of O.J. Simpson.

Made In America for sports network ESPN sprawls decades during its 467 minutes. Starting at the beginning with O.J. Simpson playing football at college, to the ‘Trial of the Century’ and beyond. 

O.J.: Made In America tells two stories at once. It skips between O.J. Simpson’s rise and fall in the American public eye, flicking to one about the Los Angeles Police Department’s relationship with the African-American community at the time. It’s an epic tale of race and celebrity.

Through detailed interviews, both archive and new, the audience is given an in-depth insight into Simpson’s character and life.

O.J. Simpson Made In America OScar

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. He brought up his and Nicole’s two children but was later incarcerated in 2009 for armed robbery in an apparent attempt to retrieve sports memorabilia.


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