Presidents’ Day in the time of Trump

Thousands across the United States are expected to attend ‘Not my presidents’ day’ protests to reject Donald Trump on President’s Day.

Washington Day is a federal holiday in the US to celebrate the life and work of one of the nation’s Founding Fathers George Washington. It’s also known as Presidents’ Day to honour past presidents who have served the country.

Americans unite to commemorate presidents who used their power in office for good. On President’s Day 2017, the day will also be marked in protest of current president Donald Trump.

In a rally dubbed ‘Not my presidents’ day’, demonstrators will take to the streets across the nation including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.

Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration took place one month ago. Barely halfway through his first 100 days in the White House, he’s already ruffled feathers with his administration’s policies on immigration, abortion and energy.

Approval ratings for Trump sit at 40%, a new record low for a president at this point in their term since the job approval rating was introduced in the late 1930s.

If these waves of yet more protests are anything to go by, Trump is a million miles away from reaching popularity heights of highly regarded presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Unlike his predecessors, Trump hurls insults on Twitter, binges on TV and appears preoccupied with media criticism.

Last month, the day after he was admitted into office, activists in their millions hit streets around the world for the Women’s March. A week later, crowds assembled outside airports in response to his shortlived travel ban last month.


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