Our first selection of the month’s releases

Serious weaponry gets released daily, we should all know that by now. It can be hard to keep tabs on new music. Fresh Vibes is all about those tunes that get us excited and deliver sounds we love in a new way. Some will be set staples, others will be outlandish tunes, while some are straight up bangers. They all have one thing in common, leaving you craving a proper rave up.

Red Rack’em – ‘Wonky Bassline Disco Banger’ (Leopard Eats Luke Edit)

Jan 13 on Classic Music Company

We kick off the first monthly rundown of tunes with a disco refit. The trio of Luke Solomun, Eats Everything and Lord Leopard hit the nail on the head with this fun remix sure to be everywhere this year.

Dettmann | Klock – Phantom Studies

Jan 27 on Ostgut Ton

In techno land, when two Berghain commanders make a track together it’s kind of a big deal. Here Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock bounce off each other in the studio with as much chemistry as in the booth.

Detlef – Swagon

Jan 27 on Repopulate Mars

Ossey James covers Soulja Boy on ‘Swagon’ by Greek tech house producer Detlef. It’s a sample you didn’t realise parties were missing, and are going to be better now that this is finally released.

Jacques Greene – Real Time

Jan 25 on LuckyMe

Jacques Greene has tied together house music with modern electronic sensibilities for over a half a decade. 2017 sees Jacques release his debut album Feel Infinite, due out in March. Until then check the debut single from the LP ‘Real Time’.

Tiga – Eye Luv U

Jan 24 on Turbo Recordings

Tiga brings us this bold number on his label Turbo, with remixes from Butch and Jasper James expected to follow next month. ‘Eye Luv U’ is co-produced with one half of Paranoid London, the clue is in the drum machine.

Lukan – Illusion

Free DL

Indian talent Lukan drops ‘Illusion’ for free. It’s a slice of celestial and innovative beauty that has found itself in the sets of Riva Starr and Sidney Charles.

Mr. G – Can’t Stop

Jan 27 on No Idea’s Original

What a fitting title for the latest slammer from Mr. G. It seems he really can’t stop. Picking up instruments and creating winning tracks all the time.

DotSTRIPE – Girl (Deepshakerz Remix)

Jan 30 on Lauter Unfug

Italian duo Deepshakerz take on the vocal from ‘Girl’ and flip it on its head adding poweful bass and jackin beats to boot. This one’s definetely rave ready.

Sous Sol – Chance To Walk

Jan 23 on Bondage Music

House heads listen up. There’s no major music dynamics going on in this track, but when the simple ingredients of beat and style align so well, we don’t see the need to complain.

Gastek & L.D.F. Vs Fog – The Bronx Tale (Fidia & Abner)

Jan 27 on Yaww Limited 

On Fidia & Abner’s addition to The Bronx Tale EP, the hi-hats are crystal clear and fly off the chunky bassline just the way we like it.

Guy Gerber & Deniz Kurtel – Here Comes The Rain

Jan 27 on Rumors

This collab between Guy Gerber and Deniz Kurtel is from a studio session two years ago in New York. It started to snow during the jamming session, which decided the name, which they switched to ‘Here Comes The Rain’.


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