Our safe haven is targeted

Recent bloodshed in clubs around the world leaves us questioning the sanctuary clubs provide.

During a closing party of the weeklong BPM festival, a gunman opened fire at nightclub Blue Parrot in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Five people died, three of them security personnel. Almost instantly, hearsay laid drug cartel violence responsible. Beyond the why’s, deeper troubling is the fact that thousands fled the scene terrified, instead of enjoying and expressing themselves.

BPM is one of the most famous events on the dance music circuit, a ten day stretch of parties on the beach to ring in the new year. In 2017 BPM ends in mourning, following more tragedy where partygoers are in the cross hairs.

A devastating attack at Istanbul’s Reina club shortly after the clock struck midnight on New Year left 39 dead. Prior to this, clubbers were killed at Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse in June 2016, as part of a hate crime and terrorist aggravated attack. Property developers or authorities stopping parties seem trivial compared to this recent threat.

Dancefloors are a place where gay, trans, ethnic minorities, freaks and squares enjoy music side by side. Under the same roof, everyone is equal. These principles of PLUR: peace, love, unity and respect, root back to rave origins and are paramount to dance music. Now, they are now being tarnished.

Terror knocks on dance music’s doorstep, knowing the refuge it is for many of us. Clubs are about losing inhibitions and escaping from daily anxieties. These perpetrators know this and are trying to infringe on our freedom to celebrate life and music. Don’t let them win in 2017.


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