Tips to remember on National Stress Awareness day

Stress can be triggered for a variety of reasons, everyone experiences various levels of it and deals with pressures differently. In stressful situations, a rush of hormones known as a ‘fight or flight’ response, flood our body. When under constant or high levels of stress these can interfere with our well-being and enjoyment of life.

Five approaches to rid stress


One reliable technique to feeling better and less worried is to get some exercise. It doesn’t need to be intense. A light bike ride when the weather is nice, or getting off the bus two stops early and walking home instead could do the trick. Enjoy the resulting feel-good endorphins and a refreshed mind. Exercise can balance energy levels too, increasing stamina for the day and enhancing your sleep pattern.

Deal with the root

Face your problems rather than ignoring them. Many of us get stressed with multiple things to do or deal with in modern society, whether it’s household tasks, money woes or promises to follow through with. Improved time management can help juggle what life throws at you. Try writing lists of things you need to do, starting with a couple you can already cross off.

Confine in people

Sharing your problems can lift a weight off your shoulders. A support network of friends, family and co-workers, who truly listen can give advice and show us a different way of looking at things. Spending time with people who make us smile and laugh can also ease anxiety.

Avoid unhealthy habits

Whether you use food or cigarettes for comfort, it isn’t a solution but a quick temporary fix. Don’t turn to smoking, alcohol, and drugs because you think these substances help relax you, these can make situations worse. There are plenty of habits worth taking up, which actually do relax and bring clarity, such as meditation and drinking green tea.

Practice positive thinking

Try to look for the positives in life and what you’re grateful for. Some things in life spring up and can be seriously upsetting. Learn to accept that life is full of ups and downs and there are some things you can’t change instead, focus on things in your control.

For further support and advice on your mental health visit Mind.


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