Play this through suitable speakers, sit back and pretend you’re on a Balearic island.

Summer in Ibiza is officially over, most of the clubs have shut for the winter, the sun sets sooner and jeans are the only wardrobe option for evenings. Max Chapman made numerous trips to Sankeys this summer, making six appearances for Abode, helping the London party make a proper mark on the island.

To conclude this end of another fantastic season in Ibiza, Resonance Records founder Max names the tracks that represent his summer in Ibiza. Starting with groovy house from upcoming duo Truth Be Told for when the dance floor starts to fill up, to the classic thrown in for the finale, Max selects some meaty material. Thrown in are mid-set treats from Dennis Cruz, three-year-old work from Waff “still doing the damage”, and a remix from Nathan Barato that is apparently always causing mayhem. Plus a preview of Max’s own remix of Javi Bora forthcoming on Do Not Sleep, “the best remix I have ever written,” he says.

Originally posted on EARMILK


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