Kanye, Drake – come on in. Westminster lot, na thanks

At an awards afterparty Matt Hancock, MP for West Suffolk claimed to be a fan of Skepta following his Mercury Prize victory for his fourth full-length ‘Konichiwa’. Unsurprisingly, upon further questioning, he couldn’t manage to name one track. You mean you don’t remember ‘Shutdown’ where he shouts you out? “We don’t listen to no politician,” it goes. Do your research in future pal.

But just who has misled politicians to think that to mention grime music is a way of appearing down with the kids? It is beyond patronising. Believing that all the younger generation needs to connect with their governing, is the knowledge that the country’s future is in the hands of people who know what an eight-bar is. Not that they will.

Ask these pretenders what BBK stands for and they’d guess it meant Better Be Kool. Something they are trying to appear. We don’t need cool politicians though we need caring ones.

David Cameron used the word bruv at the end of last year. Something his own children will surely cringe at, although slang words are probably just as alien to them. We thought that was as worse as it could get until Hancock’s tall tales fell out his mouth.

Before, grime music seemed to be a target for the UK government and police, with cancelled raves and mandatory Form 696 for promoters to fill out for certain events. Now it’s their latest buzz word.

Politicians, stay out of grime music and stick to parliament. Last time we checked, the genre is doing just fine without your support.


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