The future of club lighting is here

Brazil has the prettiest nightclubs of them all thanks to Guto Requena.

Newly renovated nightclub, The Year in Sao Palo has turned the lighting game upside down. This warehouse turned club in Brazil has a LED system installed to detect the movement and temperature of clubbers, converting this information into lighting patterns.

Not only does it react to the party energy inside, it’s a colourful minefield surrounding participants on the dancefloor, connecting and amazing the senses.

It’s the brainchild of Brazilian architect Guto Requena, who has a reputation for innovative and futuristic designs. He won ‘Best in Architecture Brazil’ in 2010 for his work on another nightclub HOT HOT, have a flick through pictures here.

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian designer Verner Panton and brutalism found in Berlin’s nightclub and sex houses, he transformed it into somewhere resembling Tetris.

Guto is setting the bar high for club spaces incorporating technology to create outrageous lighting and interactivity.


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