Bombay Bicycle Club deliver 4th album

Bombay Bicycle Club released their fourth studio album So Long, See You Tomorrow back in February. The band have come far since winning the Virgin Mobile’s ‘Road to V’ competition back in 2006 which led to them playing at V Festival when they were just 16.

They started releasing music in 2007 then their music was indie rock. Their sound does vary, 2011 release A Different Kind of Fix introduced electronic elements and frontman Jack Steadman solo work shows he has a soft spot for electronic music.

My favourite of the album is ‘Feel’, it’s got Bollywood sampling from Steadman’s travels through India. Opening track ‘Overdone’ has rattling cowbells, this and ‘Carry Me’ have prominent lively elements. ‘Home By Now’ starts of with a hip-hop beat and transforms to a stunning duet with Lucy Rose. ‘Luna’ is gorgeous, featuring vocals from Rae Morris who joins the band on their tour. Check out this remix Steadman has done of one of her songs.

Final track ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ is initially a down tempo instrumental but blossoms to an upbeat piece. This is how the entire album feels, it will have some melodic, chill-out segments and then there will be a dance beat. The North London boys and their ever-evolving sound show no sign of slowing down and are doing well for themselves at the minute.

What was it like live?
They played stuff from their older work too which was great, I was left in buckets of sweat reaffirming their ability to play energetic shows.

This album has heavier basslines and a wider range of influences, there are some catchy moments and the music they make is unique and playful. The band obviously work well together as they continue to write delightful music with lovely lyrical content and interesting sounds.


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