This guy puts all your vinyl collection bragging rights to shame

Zero Freitas, is a 62-year-old Brazillian who has been unable to stop buying records since childhood. Buying discs from all around the world, his mammoth hoard boasts more than 5 million records.

The music archive is kept in a 25,000 square-foot warehouse, where trying to find that one LP from 1997 wouldn’t prove to be the easiest of tasks. So, he’s employed people to process and catalog the discs as he continues to add to the collection, all funded through his earnings from a bus company in São Paulo.

“When a record starts to play I always cry. The relationship people have with certain songs is subjective and personal. I want to share this with people and make it possible for them to recall their memories.”zero

He aims for the public to have access to his music library one day, online and at listening stations. In an interview with BBC News he said, “People will be able to check our records and get in touch to make requests to listen to them.”

“I bought my first record with my pocket money,” he recalls. By the time he was 30, he’d accumulated 25-30 thousand records, which he filled up his daughter’s bedroom with.


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