Season two commences on Channel 4 tonight

First hitting our screens in 2011, Top Boy graced Channel 4 with casual violence and hard-hitting writing. The four-part series was dubbed the UK version of much acclaimed HBO production The Wire.

Top Boy depicts the happenings on a fictional estate in Hackney. Ashley Walters, who portrays Dushane a drug dealer, experienced the kind of gang related stuff the series touches upon when he was involved with So Solid Crew. “It’s relatable,” Walters enthuses. A chance for young black actors to break out, along with Walters, Kane Robinson is also back playing impulsive Sully, as well as the rest of the cast showcasing young British talent.

Directed and written by Ronan Bennet who worked on Misfits, he brings with him his knack for cinematography and building on-screen tension. According to Walters, Top Boy succeeds as a realistic portrayal of a London estate. “The majority of kids I speak to that are living that life will say that we hit the nail on the head, and you very rarely get that, especially with UK TV drama.” Illustrating the struggles of trying to make a better life for themselves and staying out of trouble.

Watch one of the competition winners of Your Cut who created a promotion video featuring clips from the latest series.

Starts tonight on C4 @ 9pm

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